Beef braising steak

Beef Braising Steak

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Traditional Beef Braising Steak, well matured, succulent and tender, slightly leaner than stewing steak. Ideal for use in casseroles and stews where the fullness of flavour increases with longer cooking at lower temperatures.

Ideal for all sorts of meals whether it be for that mid-week family treat or entertaining guests.



Our Beef Herd

Reared grazing in the summertime on water meadows bordering the Great River Ouse in Great Barford and fed home grown cereals and grass silage, during the winter months, we guarantee our beef is mouth watering and succulent.

Arriving on the farm as reared calves at approximately ten weeks of age, the calves slowly mature into full adulthood over a period of approximately 18 to 24 months. During this time, our family ethos is to produce animal naturally with as little intervention as possible, therefore you can be rest assured NO growth promoters of harmful drugs are administered during their life cycle.