The Farm

Livestock at Southall Farm

From our own beef cattle and lamb that happily graze pastures within the parish of Great Barford, to pork supplied to us by , Southall’s Butchers aim to provide you and your family with meat that will melt in your mouth.

When mature, the animals are transported stress free, by ourselves to a small established, fully certified family run abattoir in Marston Moretaine.

After being stored for twenty four hours within chilled conditions, the Southall Family personally return to the abattoir in our refrigerated vehicle to transport the carcases back to Home Farm to mature in our fully monitored chilled conditions.

The meet is then crafted by our butchery team on site to the customer’s individual requirements.

Heard of Cows

The cow heard at home farm

The cattle are purchased as weaned calves at six months of age and are fully traceable.  Spending their first winter with us, they are loose housed in large, open , well ventilated straw yards. The cattle are fed using home grown cereals along with lush home grown grass silage.

Following the cold months of winter, the “yearlings”  are turned out onto fresh river meadow pastures for the summer months. There they happily graze nature’s produce prior to being re-housed at the farm during October for the coming winter months.

After a second year the cattle are nearing maturity and ready for careful final selection.

All the Southall Family cattle are reared by traditional means and are FREE from any Growth Promoters and unnecessary medications that other producers may use.

The Flock of Sheep

Mainly Suffolk cross North Country Mule Breed parentage we then cross back with superior pedigree Suffolk Rams to sire high quality healthy lambs.

All the sheep graze at grass within neighbouring parishes to Great Barford throughout the year. They return to the farmstead holding during February, March and April each year for lambing.  We lamb indoors where observation and care is on hand 24 hours a day should it be required.

Whilst indoors the ewes are fed on a home grown cereal diet, supplemented with hay and silage.  They are bedded daily whilst waiting the impending birth of their lambs.  After lambing, the happy families are returned to fresh lush pastures within the parish of Great Barford for nature to take it’s course naturally!

As with any livestock produced and sold by the Southall Family, our sheep are all reared by traditional means and are FREE from Growth Promoters and harmful medications.