Rack of Lamb

Lamb Cutlet Chops

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The fore end of the rack of ribs, Lamb Cutlet Chops offer sweet and tender meat, though more of a rib bone prominence compared to Loin or Chump Chops.

Ideal for BBQs, midweek specials or marinating in sauces for a finger-licking experience!

Sold individually by the kg.


Our Sheep Flock

Sourced from our flock of North Country Mules and traditional Suffolk cross ewes which are crossed with superior pedigree Suffolk and Charolais Rams to produce quality healthy lambs, all of our sheep graze pastures within Great Barford and neighbouring parishes throughout the year. Vaccinations and routine worming of the lambs are kept to bare minimum, thus enabling us to offer you, our valued customer,  totally natural and fully traceable meat.